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Well, the Fall semester is already on us.

A reminder for all those who aren't freshmen: Blue polo shirts and various bottoms are the uniform this year. ;) don't wear the oxford shirts.

In other news, there have been some new developments with the locker arrangements. Freshmen are now in the basement. I believe that the seniors will still be in the 400s, but I'm not sure where the sophomores and the juniors will be.

Anyone who goes to Mon Don will obviously find out when they go back.

Me? I hope the juniors have the 300s. :D Biiiig lockers.

In other news, I'm typing this up on the new tablet PCs. Even though I'm a junior. Take that Dr. Roboto Gere.

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actually, if you read the Parent-Student Handbook that they mailed, the oxford shirts are still an option.
Yeah, but what kind of dorks wear those?