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I'm spamming this community because I can. Besides, you're not getting any real updates, you need a good A-Rae spam. So -

Sorry, I just love playing the marquee command. :)

Anyhow. We seem to be suffering a lack of interesting school news, other than the fact this is probably our last year of school till June (since don't most colleges get out during May?), and the traditional "Omigod, < random class > r0x0rz the b0x0rz!!!!111oneoneone".... There is, of course, the beginning of cuts to the arts programs, but there doesn't seem to be enough information out there to discuss it in full yet, other than a whole lot of angry art/music students and fall drama junkees. It's rather bittersweet. If you've ever seen the movie Mr. Holland's Opus, then maybe you've got those sort of butterflies in the back of your stomach. Besides, I doubt there will be a fall drama director as coordinated and qualified as Mr. Kelly was. You have to admit, the man's, well, the man. Interestingly enough, they seem to have also gotten rid of public speaking class for next year.... Eight periods of gym. We might as well all sign up for brainless classes where no work's involved. That's what colleges really look for!

I'd spam you with some relevantly off-topic things...but I figure I'm annoying enough as it is. Now kick this community back into shape, slubberdegullions. Or at least fetch me a muffin. Mmm...muffin.
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