Kaitie (fallenfromchair) wrote in mon_don,

Anything Goes

As most of you are aware, Almost Anything Goes 04 was ruined today, due to the sophmore class.

I'm going to give my best summary of what happened. If you were there, you noticed that the senior class turned their backs during the freethrow comp. This was dissrespectful and lost them five points. Again, if you were there, you noticed that the juniors and sophmore classes started to throw things, making them lose things as well. What also happened is that two sophmores started to break-dance on the floor- which caused the sophmore class be kicked out of the next event. (The juniors were also kicked out). Please also note that the egg toss was taken out.

What is not common knowledge is why the two sophmores started to break dance. One of our gym teachers, Mr. McCullion, asked one of the guys to breakdance, and the second dude joined in. I hand the chance to talk to Mrs. Milana about it while we were washing off body paint and she informed me that we had points taken off because they had to be fair. Meh.

What happened next was that the sophmore class started to cheer. I know some were confused if we were being awarded points, but generally it was just 20-50 guys being assholes. You know they exist.

Anyway, the sophmore class was taken out and put in the cafeteria, where we were yelled at by Mr. Courtney for a good while.

What happens next? Well, there is rumor that Almost Anything Goes will be cancelled forever. There are also rumors that the entire sophomre class will be getting demerits and/or suspension. Dr. Gere will no doubt be making an announcement about it on Monday, and from what I gathered from Mrs. Milana, there will be some kind of faculty meeting about this event.
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